Augmented  /  Virtual reality Software development & distribution  for  "go Green"  point of purchase Advertising.   (Patent Pending Technology).


Venue Installation Options Available,  Contact Us or Call today for details. We pay your venue when we install our "Go Green"
​"ADI" Point Of Purchase Mirror Technology!

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As we have several Celebrity Artists & Brands with deals in Beta Testing development ​for a variety of Augmented Reality solutions: "Got Game 4D P.O.P AR".  Artist "Rico Love" Celebrity  Platinum (Grammy Award Winning) Artist & Producer Viewing our Brand  Interactive Augmented & Virtual Reality Distribution Deal . Through: (7) Time Southern Entertainment Award Winners for Radio Station Of the Year in 195 Countries over 19 Million Hits. Call today for Worldwide Radio Play Get Royalties for airtime & on a BDS / Nielson Rated Station. 1-800-758-2712 We are NOW Nominated for a Award for: "Online Station of the Year" 2017 Vote for Dirty South Radio now.

APP is in Beta Testing & we have an Affiliate Partnership with a Major Un-disclosed Leading Technology Co.. (Investors can request Beta App for investment Purposes Only to see "Go Green AR 4D Technology Inside both photos above). Contact us today! Celebrity & Indie Consulting Services Available Call Today 1-800-758-2712!

ADI Video "Go Green" Point Of Purchase Mirror's. Augmented Reality Option available inside Mirror Pop Out "AR" Experience! Like example  w/ Celebrity Grammy Winner "Rico Love" below!