Art Deco Images 4D llc. monitors Key Performance Indicators at 3-month intervals, adjusting strategies as needed.

Art Deco Images 4D llc. uses Go Green TV Screens strategically placed in clutter free environments were a customer has to see your repetitive  cost efficient  ad. (Request location listings).

  • ​​​Go Green Technology Advertising TV Screens, ATM Video Monitors, Video Mirrors, & More!
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality  Point of Purchase Solutions for Corporate Brands, Music Labels, Clothing Lines & Real Estate Agents.
  • Personalized Music Business Consulting, Catch the "2020" Wave of the Future, Be in the Know Now! "We are The Music Store 2 The Future!"
  • (Your Brand's) Point of Purchase Sunglass's from 2D to 4D imbedded Codes or in Augmented Reality, with camcorder option. Call now for Custom Quote.
  • Custom "Corporate Jingle Creation" from a massivate Artist Base Selection. 
  •  Corporate "P" Cellphone Watch & "AR" Clothing Lines. Got Game P.O.P. Recording Distribution Artists
  •  Worldwide Radio Marketing and Advertising Services, tools & Air Play on: to learn more visit: or call for more info now.

OUR CONSULTANTS & Benefits engineers HAVE BEEN EVERYWHERE – RETAIL, corporate to music industry executives & celebrities. 

Our professional staff hires & trains college students, as: Certified Sales Process Benefits Engineers, and Customer Retention Experts. We have special experts in our (7) Time Award Winning  Worldwide Radio Platform Dirty South Radio Mobile, Virtual & Augmented Reality Divisions.

Yolanda D. White

​​​​In regards to “Art Deco Images 4D llc's' CEO D.Curry,
When I first met Ms. Curry, it was evident to me, that she had Game! Not the kind of game that is phony or contrived, but the kind of Game, where she is a team player, a team leader. She has a goal, in fact she has many -- along with tactics and plans to reach them. She has team members and when needed, she is smart enough to know when to lead and when to follow. Dorothea is fearless, strong and adaptable. She can have a conversation with anyone, from Lake Drive to Locust Street. I am profoundly impressed with Ms. Curry, and believe in her ability to not only shape herself and family, but to take part in shaping our community and this world.

May 18, 2009, Yolanda D White, was with the University of Wisconsin's Adult Education Division Supervisor where Dorothea Curry and the Savers Co. Got Game Professionals Ad Agency & Art Deco Images 4D llc.  where honored Speakers on campus. Yolanda D. White has also worked with Ms. Curry at Celebrity Events & Concerts Such as the "Yin Yang Twins"  & "DJ Scientist" at: "Club 618" in Milwaukee Wisconsin!


We provide "go green technology", equipment, and Virtual & Augmented Reality processes to take your service team to the next level. 




​Bulk orders available: 1-800-758-2712


Augmented  /  Virtual reality Software development & distribution  for  "go Green"  point of purchase Advertising.   (Patent Pending Technology).


Go Green TV / Mirrors

Once we have executive buy-in, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish. And become your companies silent salesman from our point of purchase codes.


Art Deco Images 4d Llc. Ar / Vr Point of Purchase Go Green Advertising