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On 8-2-2014 

Art Deco Images CEO: 

"Mz Dolla Opportunity" was awarded the: "Virtuous Woman Award" at the:

"AGA Awards & Miami March for Jobs" at Bay Front Park Miami Fl., for her works in hiring 

College Students and providing job opportunities she also,

Signs on a New Celebrity Client to her sister agency on the same day.

"Got Game Consulting" & "Got Game Digital Distribution" adds,

"Freeway Rick Ross" The Los Angeles Times Best Selling Author, to Brand, Promote & sell his new book on how he changed his life, inspires & serves his  community.

Our Interactive "Go Green" Celebrity Brand Technology, Point of Purchase Codes shall promote the sell of his new book: "Rick Ross The Untold Autobiography"! (for those of you that are unaware of his community works: "Freeway Rick Ross"  teaches  an economics class at Watts High School and regularly speaks to teens across the nation about making better choices in life. His legacy is as an inspirational mentor to people in need! 

Mz Dolla's clients include: "Cuba Gooding Sr." , as well as "Debbie King" Legendary daughter of Don King, "Layzie Bone" of Bone Thugs & Harmony, Mz. Dolla serve's as Feature Film Investment Consultant to: / Movie Producer's "Phillip Lawton",  "Greg Webb" & Writer & Producer Kenyon Grey" at: Sea Lion Global Ent. ,  Mz. Dolla also has done consulting services for: "Cast Members" of: Jenifer Lopez's Hit Reality TV Show- "South Beach Tow". & Celebrity Consultant to: "CEO "Michelle Brewer" of Diamond Entertainment llc & Label Group". And  works in Production/ Booking for: Universal NBC on the: "Jerry Springer" & "Steve Wilko's Show."

Mz Dolla Opportunity is also the Vice President of: "Jerry Roy's" Bam Records under Legendary "Jeff Davis" whom is the President.

 * Mz. Dolla  is World Famous for: Teaching Anthony "Big Bos" Boswell Current Vice President & former Executive Producer of: Master "P's"

 " No Limit Records" the Music & Entertainment Business, and many more with several hundred students whom have graduated her "Jingles Program" across the Country!

* She is the inventor of the: "Go Green" Point of Purchase Celebrity & Brand Interactive Concept in these Technology's your about to enjoy!   

Our Interactive "Go Green" Celebrity / Brand Technology, Point of Purchase Codes shall promote the sell of his new book: "Rick Ross The Untold Autobiography"!

(Download a Free QR Code Reader App. On your phone now, scan & buy: "The Untold Story" by: Freeway Rick Ross Now!

For Entertainment & Consulting services or Custom Celebrity Point of Purchase Interactive Codes Call Mz Dolla Opportunity: 1-800-758-2712

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View Ms. Curry, CEO of: Art Deco Images llc: "Speaking at Edison Middle School" March 8th 2014, as Special Invited Guest.

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