"Go Green" with us!

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ADI is the best exposure for your brand!

With cellphone, point, click, pay technology... 

 Thank you for taking the time to consider our “Go Green” Initiative for the City of Miami Beach Florida, to London and abroad.

According to: Dan Waite of: "The Serious Music News & Playlist's", MTV, VH1, Universal Music, Virgin Records, & EMI Records We are: "The New Music Store 2 The Future!  "Best Exposure for your Music or Brand."

 Last year’s Memorial Day weekend  on South Beach Miami was the cleanest our city streets have ever been, since Commissioner Sal Gross passed the ban on fliers for Miami Beach. 

 Art Deco Images, has proposed a solution for local business’s to support one another with all “Go Green” advertising technology. 

* Throughout our website you shall have the option to purchase & participate in: "Go Green" Advertising with "Point of Purchase" Capabilities!

In a variety of styles of technology.

* ATM Video Point of Purchase Ads, Interactive Video Mirror Ads, 

Taxi-screen Ads, Point of Purchase T-Shirts, And more!

We would be honored if you could join the city’s movement to keep our streets clean & green and free from clutter., as it benefits your business through exposure!

View one of our clients website's to see what they have to say about us Being there:  "Exclusive Brand Advertising Agency" & our CEO: http://thorncitysyndicate.com/art-deco-images-new-music-store-2-the-future/

This is a video of our companies CEO speaking at the $500 Million Dollar Planning Committee Meeting in 2013 as an invited guest for the City of Miami Beach. http://youtu.be/MadTzyeqqkY 

 All the best,

 Dorothea Curry - Mz Dolla Opportunity


Art Deco Images have been the proud winners of: Best Advertising Agency Miami Beach Commerce Award Since 2011.

 As you know since the Master Planning Committee Meeting 2013, the city has started massive construction for the beautification of our city.

We ask for your participation by utilizing our "Go Green" Advertising Concepts!

View one of our clients website's to see what they have to say about us being there exclusive "Brand Advertising Agency" & our CEO:   http://thorncitysyndicate.com/art-deco-images-new-music-store-2-the-future/

We simply ask before you look around our website to view our various products you show your support for our programs, & place your rotating  (30) Second Video Ad in our  10”  Wi-Fi  Video  monitor. 

Located inside the Kent Hotel for local business’s to display their services, as we offer an alternative to the distribution of illegal fliers! 

 *The best part is we give you a FREE "Point of Purchase Ad Code", to be placed in your (30) second Video Commercial for your participation! And 5,400 video views per month inside a 10" Digital Screen in the:

Kent Hotel Lobby !

                                 (We give to you as you give to us!)

We look forward to your participation; for your Donation of: $199.00 a month for a period of (3) months your shall receive a (30) Second Video Commercial Ad that rotates every (8) minutes inside a 10" Wi-Fi Monitor placed inside the: Kent Hotel Lobby at: 1131 Collins Ave. South Beach Miami

Thanks again in advance,

(This donation shall off-set the cost of  training supplies we provide to the students we teach our programs & provide job opportunities to for free.)

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